"Drag me out into the rain, tell me all about the pain, I've been causing and the way it all makes sense with the weather." Carly|15|panromantic|forever sad

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i think this could be useful for the people who is not totally sure about spend their money in this movie, it has their good and bad points, but generally is a great movie, so please, let’s show them that “An Hispanic story” can be as good as any other one, or even better!. 


kaneki can’t hunt for himself and touka decides to pay back a favor.


you spray dogs with water when they won’t listen, but will it work on an ally? the a is not for you. get off the couch, stop barking, go away. 

its spirit week at school and on tuesday we’re supposed to dress up as a characters from a movie book or tv show and

i really done know who to dress up as??

im getting graded for participation in my leadership class so its kind of important

any ideas uuhh?? 


here are some milky doodles because why not